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Why relaxing equals with productivity...

Stopping to take time for yourself is underestimated. We live in societies that tell us to be productive, achieve, force ahead, always better ourselves, and don't give up. But have you thought about how taking a break to relax your body and brain may actually be productive? So many great thinkers have come up with their best ideas when they were resting. While watching apples fall down, seeing birds fly, or playing a video game to relax.

It's when we don't push on things to happen when we relax that things actually happen. Resting in ways that we enjoy gives us the necessary reenergizing of our bodies that we need. Accompanied with positive thoughts together they create great vibrations enabling us to form our now and future.

According to the law of attraction, positive thoughts and a calm persona bring positive results into a person's life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. Your thoughts create vibrations, and your thinking generates a frequency that attracts things with the same energy as you vibrate. Like attracts like.

The following sections provide an overview of some key concepts. Feel free to skim this glossary as frequently as you need to grow your familiarity browse on Youtube for interesting videos on the subject. Here is one example:

  • Manifestation brings things into your physical reality according to their vibrational match with your thoughts, energy and. When you take time for yourself indulging yourself with positive experiences you attract more positive experiences because “like attracts like”, where positivity attracts more positive experiences and negativity will attract similar negative outcomes.

  • Visualization is the spiritual practice of creating mental images of what it is that you desire. The clearer and more specific you picture the desired outcome, the more attractive power it generates. You can use visualization techniques in which you learn gradually more and more about what it is that you desire and how to visualize your dream outcome.

  • Affirmations are the positive results you want to create, usually written down and spoken out loud on a regular basis. Many people write down their affirmations or create a vision board with images and text and hang them in a visible place. This way they are being reminded of their affirmations frequently. It’s important to release the “how” and instead confidently declare what you want to manifest into existence and trust the Universe will open up and take care of its realization. Once you know what you want, you relax, imagine how it feels having it already. In some exercises you say thank you, thank you, thank you to the affirmations several times while your vision and feel the affirmation already happening in your imagination.

I wish you a wonderful joyful day :-)

Here are some interesting videos:

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