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We help you market your products and your company!

We have many years of experience in making companies visible. We create marketing campaigns, promote companies at trade fairs, via FTF meetings and via social media such as. Facebook.

In addition to a website as a business card for the company, social media has taken an increasingly important place. It is nowadays important to also have a Facebook and Instagram, Linkedin company account to be visible and offer their services / products


We create company page / groups on Facebook and Instagram accounts. We help you connect these with your website so that you can be seen in style in your unique way!

  • Marketing materials

  • We can moderate your pages

  • Copywriting

  • Marketing campaigns on Facebook & Instagram

  • Google ADS


Together with partners, we specialize in minority groups in Sweden which every year have become an increasingly strong purchasing power (eg Polish, Arabic-speaking, West and East Africans, Latin Americans, etc.)

Previous customers/partners include Microsoft, Intel, Telia (Halebop), Wacom, Lernia, Bosch, KAPI AB, NRG, SL and more.

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Digital Marketing

  • Social media

  • Facebook and Instagram advertising

  • Website promotion

  • FB / Instagram company pages, configuration

  • Content creation

  • GoogleAdverts

  • Marketing strategies

  • email campaigns

FTF Promotion

  • Project planning

  • FTF direct marketing, personal meetings

  • Event, trade fair promotion


  • Website improvements

  • Facebook and Instagram company pages, improvement suggestions and analysis


  • Configuration and analysis

  • Be searchable so your customers can find you online

  • We help to customize your text

  • Google Maps configuration